Línea, Luz

Ser, no solo creer.

Que nuestra luz que emite sus propios rayos

Nos ayuda a resonar y a expresarnos.


Es mi propio himno.

Un impacto de estrellas que al fín chocaron;

Un relámpago que ilumino  los sentidos,

Estrella y mar.


Línea, luz.

Un camino con distintas salidas y

Entradas.  Y Entre las salidas, entradas.


Un laberinto de todos tus sueños y empeños;

Tus esfuerzos y tus virtudes.

Quiero que empieces ahí.


Reverbera el himno.

Se me escapa lo que escribí.

Volví a aludir a un sueño.


Ser, creer.


Wind, Sky

Clear skies, make watery eyes.

It’s the beginning of the fall. The brisk
Air feels like cold dew.

An allergic flare,

Northerly climates,
That a swarm of birds forecast.

Clear sky, don’t
Cry. Around

That corner, could take cover.
Can you see my eyes

Tell your coffee’s steam.

Just around the corner,
Brick wall of a building,

Great brick building of a wall.
Up this way will do.

No haste,
Steady pace –

I’m wearing nothing,
Except clothes.

Clear skies, cloudy

Strong winds,
Strong Minds.


Take cover ‘round that

Brick Building. Great brick
Building of a wall.

I’d evade
The masquerade.

Up this way will do.

Safely Home

That night was filled with

standers-by, thus

A surge in city cars. Even then

I walked, well, tread, from those certain

City blocks.


I walked, well, tread, to my group

Of city blocks, despite the many

City cars,


Not to clear my head but mind.

 I always am wont to notice

The change

-of- view:


The transition of blocks paved with concrete

To those laid with cobble stone.


The segue of scenes-


Of buildings glass and upward built,

to brownstone homes to parks

with grass.


And old blocks with aesthetic

old-school fringe, from the ones

with glass and tint.


And If there is a fussy

Line, what is your store about?


That’s not to say by 8 I’d make

It home, rather that by 8

I’ll make it home.


At last in my group of blocks!


Ill make it safely home from where

I tread. Up from where I headed,

Finally here, finally home. 

Two Lines That You Follow

Two lines that you follow,
Not single file like elementary

Two lines not paths, for
There are many paths one
May follow and can cross.

Two lines where-within
structure meets premise
Meets subtext meets
clause meets
Purpose meets context meets.

Meets muse.

Two lines where-
Within everything met; in

between the
Lines, if you follow.

Plume to ink to sheet
Within two lines you follow.


There is a well I’ve

A deep grey space that
looks like day old clay

where to
sorrows fled.

I’m sad for sorrow’s sake.

It was deep and grey.
Dwell the well,

Where I fell heavily.

Damp, cold, deep grey

Where I

I smiled, as

All the sadness died upward,
Up and Up.

All the way to well,
for sorrows sake.

Steadily Walking Along

Steadily walking along the
Of Bleecker Street
near Charles.

Steadily walking along
what came upon

Me on my night walk –
Not upon me, rather what I
happened upon;

A bar with a blunt name.
A waste truck pulled up.
After, a party of few

Came out to smoke
For outdoor chatter.

Stunted and
Sober the walker.

My foot lay flat
On the wall
By the bar that came
Upon my walk.

Not that came
upon my walk, rather
That I happened