Two Lines That You Follow

Two lines that you follow,

Not single file like elementary

School; Two lines not paths, for

There are many paths one

May follow and can cross.


Two lines where-within

structure meets premise

Meets subtext meets

clause meets

Purpose meets context meets.


Meets muse. Two lines where-

Within everything met; in between the

Lines, if you follow.


Plume to ink to sheet

Within two lines you follow.




There is a well I’ve

A deep grey space that
looks like day old clay

where to
sorrows fled.

I’m sad for sorrow’s sake.

It was deep and grey.
Dwell the well,

Where I fell heavily.

Damp cold deep grey


I smiled, as

All the sadness died upward;
Up and Up,

All the way to well,
for sorrows sake.

Steadily Walking Along

Steadily walking along the
Of Bleecker Street
near Charles.

Steadily walking along
what came upon

Me on my night walk –
Not upon me, rather what I
happened upon;

A bar with a blunt name.
A waste truck pulled up.
After, a party of few

Came out to smoke
For outdoor chatter.

Stunted and
Sober the walker.

My foot lay flat
On the wall
By the bar that came
Upon my walk.

Not that came
upon my walk, rather
That I happened